Historical information

The School of Mines Ballarat began in 1870. It's location was the south end of Lydiard Street. Ballarat Junior Technical School began in 1913 and was boys only until 1951 when girls were included. They were under the control of the School of Mines Council. In 1967 the were three divisions. Each was internally distinguished. Ballarat School of Industries, Ballarat Technical School and Ballarat Institute of Advanced Education. In 1976 B.I.A.E. merged with State College of Victoria Ballarat - formerly Ballarat Teachers' College to become Ballarat College of Advanced Education, later to become Federation University.

Income Tax Return for the Ballarat School of Mines and Industries for 1937. It is prepared and signed by The Registrar F Ferguson. Names of staff and position listed.

Physical description

Pink coloured form with blue print

Inscriptions & markings

Signature of F Ferguson - Registrar