Artists statement

Travel is a luxury for most people, and although seafarers undoubtedly face hardships as part of their profession, they are also able to experience parts of the broader world than that of friends and family at home.
The stories and experiences of seafarers - together with the work of the Mission to Seafarers ministry - contribute to the archive of ongoing global links and narratives of world trade and migration.
As an example of this, in 1917 alone the Mission directed almost 6,000 letters written by visiting seafarers home to their families abroad, and received almost 3,000 letters in return.
After experiencing Melbourne through the Mission, many seafarers later chose to make the city and Australia their home, and some chose to marry their partners at the Mission’s chapel.
This pair of windows, titled ‘Baptism’ and ‘Holy Spirit’, was installed during 1933 and represents the integral links between seafaring and the world.

Historical information

Reflections of the Sea was an exhibition of 10 framed montage of photographs from the mission's archive collection showcasing 10 stained glass windows from the St Peter chapel.
This exhibition curated by Georgia Melville and Catherine McLay, and funded by PROV and Creative Victoria, was displayed in the World Trade Centre Wharf Gallery in June July 2013 and toured to Queenscliff Maritime Museum.
The photographs of the windows were taken by scientific photographer Justine M. Philip.
This frame is showcasing the lancet windows in the baptistry ad a photograph of the Eiffel Tower taken by Allan Charles Quinn during one of his voyages.

Physical description

Framed and mounted on black cardboard of black and white and colour reproductions from the MTSV collection for the exhibition Reflections of the Sea with brief label signage

Inscriptions & markings

on label:
A snapshot of the Eiffel Tower with Australian seafarer Allan Charles Quinn in the foreground, taken during a voyage to France in 1956