Historical information

The McLean family, Hector John McLean and Louisa Frances (nee Green) and six daughters lived in Eltham during the period 1930 to 1934 inclusive. Lived in the former Evelyn Hotel at the time it was destroyed by fire in 1931. In reminiscences provided by daughter Edith, she recalls that her mother always blamed herself for the fire. When she finished cooking on the old wood stove she would always clean up and take the ashes outside in an ash pan to bury them for safety. She believed she must have dropped some oas she walked across the back verandah or the breeze caiught some sparks as she opened the door. It was a very hot day. She believed that they must have fallen down some cracks in the floor boards and smouldered on papers and rubbish in the cellar. It proved to be a very traumatic event for the family.

Physical description

Colour (sepia) and black and white reprints