Historical information

The McLean family, Hector John McLean and Louisa Frances (nee Green) and six daughters lived in Eltham during the period 1930 to 1934 inclusive. Lived in the former Evelyn Hotel at the time it was destroyed by fire in 1931.

On December 15, 1934 the six girls all participated in the Centenary Parade dressed up as Pioneers of Eltham. They were dressed as the father and mother, two girls, a boy and a baby in a pram. They had to walk from their home in Eltham South to the railway station where the parade commenced and back to Eltham Park (Eltham Lower Park). The family won the Group Section for their entry “Pioneers of Eltham”.
Jean (13) was dressed as the father, Edith (12) as the mother, Isabel (8) as the son, Gwen (6), Phoebe (5) as themselves and baby Gwladys (1) as the baby in the pram.

Physical description

Colour (sepia) and black and white reprints