Historical information

Sunday Best
In the course of doing some historical research of the old Caretakers Cottage within the Yan Yean Reservoir Park, Mrs. Judy Munro of Wollert gave WHS member Ross a photograph of a Mernda Methodist Sunday School Picnic taken in 1932 outside the cottage. Mrs. Munro's grandfather, Mr. John Kerr (longtime caretaker of the reservoir) is pictured along with the other 67 men, women and children in the group.
Mrs. Munroe told Ross that the young girl in the centre was Marjorie Woods, now Mrs. Brennan of Yan Yean. Ross went to see Mrs. Brennan and she remembered the annual picnics to the Reservoir and began to put names to faces on the photograph. Mrs. Brennan said she would seek the help of Mrs. Kathleen Bassett of Doreen (also pictured in the photo) in order to confirm names and fill in the missing gaps.
With their memories set back 70 years, these two ladies were able to identify all but one of the 68 people, a remarkable achievement. Many of the names being familiar as people of long associations with the district, names such as Hurrey, Popple, Giddens, Hall and McPhee.
There is one missing name, he is the boy standing to the left wearing a cap. Perhaps someone may be able to identify him.

Physical description

Photocopy of original photograph. 67 names of the 68 persons have been identified.

There is one missing name, he is the boy standing to the left wearing a cap. Perhaps someone may be able to identify him.

Identified names:

1. Miss Alice Horner
2. ?
3. Rev. Harry Sunderland
4. Arthur Sunderland
5. Mrs Ellen Bower
6. Alf Popple
7. Max Giddens
8. Mrs Elsie Bassett
9. Mr Turley
10. Gertie Popple
11. Mrs Adams
12. Mrs Goodman
13. Mrs Phipps
14. Mrs Will Edge
15. Mrs Wellman
16. Mrs Emily Popple
17. Daisy Turley
18. Millie Lobb
19. Mr John Kerr
20. Mr Sam Bradford
21. Arthur Popple
22. Thorden Benson
23. Jim Giddens
24. Mrs Ivy Young
25. Gordon McPhee
26. Bill Hall
27. Ron Sunderland
28. Audrey Edge
29. Hilda Hurrey
30. Arthur Adams
31. Ethel Hurrey
32. Mrs Grace Paget (Teacher)
33. Eileen Paget
34. Gladys Goodman
35. Marjorie Woods
36. Mr Tom Hurrey (Superintendent)
37. Jean Adams
38. Frank Phillps
39. Lydia Butcher
40. Kathleen Popple
41. June Kerr
42. Anne Kerr
43. Maisie Richardson
44. Myrna Bassett
45. Eily Phipps
46. Doreen Kerr
47. Shirley Bassett
48. Beryl Bassett
49. Keitha Hay
50. Jean Butcher
51. Gwen Phipps
52. Joyce Young
53. Mr Will Edge
54. Len Goodman
55. Mr Fred Bassett
56. Maisie Adams
57. Avie Benson
58. Kathleen Paget
59. Ruth Hay
60. Max McPhee
61. Lindsay Bassett
62. Bert Hall
63. Jack Young
64. Norma Phipps
65. Ray Hall
66. Ruth Adams
67. Nancy Benson
68. Winnie Phipps

Inscriptions & markings

Mernda Sunday School Picnic, 29.3.32