Historical information

These two photographs were most likely taken in the 1970s at the Army Survey Regiment’s Drill Hall Golden Square, Bendigo. The photos are annotated with the name of the technicians written on the back. In these photos the technicians are performing screen printing tasks.

Physical description

This is a set of photographs of lithographic technicians using screen printing equipment at the Army Survey Regiment, Bendigo from c1960s to c1980s. The photographs were printed on photographic paper and are part of the Army Survey Regiment’s Collection. The photographs were scanned at 300 dpi.
.1) - Photo, black & white, c1970s, L to R: Bruce Appleford, SGT Evan Giri, Lithographic Squadron
.2) - Photo, black & white, c1970s, Ian ‘Lofty’ Turner, Lithographic Squadron

Inscriptions & markings

.1 to .2 – personnel names (less rank) annotated on back.