Historical information

Set of six pamphlets about the Edison storage battery system and associated rail or tramway related vehicles. Was promoted by various people, but internal combustion engines were found to be superior overall at the time.


Yields detailed information about the use of the Edison battery storage system in railways.

Physical description

Set of five pamphlets regarding the Edison Battery Car. Was a proposal put forward to the operators of the Beaumaris Tramway Co.
1 - four page - "Edison Battery Car" - operating exhibit at American Railway Association Convention - 1920
2 - four page - ""Operations, Maintenance and performance of storage battery cars on the long island railroad"
3 - two page - "Storage battery cars for Mexican Railroad"
4 - four page - "Storage Battery cars on the Canadian National"
5 - four page - "Edison - Goodman Electric Storage Battery locomotives in New Zealand" - Christchurch
6 - one page - letter - from W Dobson of the Cambria & Indiana Railroad Co. re the use of such cars and their results.

Inscriptions & markings

Have the stamp of the "The Southern Electric Power Co. of Gilbert Place Adelaide" and "E F Ablitt Mechanical Engineer, Melbourne"