Historical information

A laminated A3 sketchbook page depicting a design for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Men's Village/Travel Uniform designed by Wendy Powitt.

On the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games donor Doug Pleasance wrote-

The 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games saw an evolutionary change in designer selection. A Declaration of Interest Form was communicated to over forty potential designers. The task and especially tight timelines that were involved deterred many aspirants, however, there remained eight designers with the potential we were seeking. These eight designers were paid $3,000 per submission and the winning designer, Wendy Powitt, was paid $15,000. For the first time the judging panel included two athletes, one male swimmer and one female basketballer, their influence was pivotal.

The village clothing was designed to be a highly visible garment meaning that it was easy to "Spot the Aussies" and helped to contribute to a good team spirit. Blocks of contrasting colours were a feature of the pure wool shirts. A newly developed stretch 50:50 wool/cotton fabric by Bradmill was made into shorts and jeans by Fletcher Jones.

Physical description

A laminated A3 sketchbook page depicting a design for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic men's Village/Travel Wear Uniform. The main drawing shows the design for a pair of yellow shorts, a green and yellow striped shirt with the Australian emblem on the right breast of the shirt and a brown leather woven belt. The top of the page shows a detailed drawing of the belt weave with a symbol of Australia as the belt buckle. To the right of the main image is a detailed drawing of the shorts as well as a drawing of a leather pouch that is attached to the belt.