Historical information

The collection of thirteen model horse drawn vehicles were carefully handmade by Mr Chas W Davis 1925 - 2002. He was a talented artist and saw doctor. This model of a horse drawn Small Wheel Lorry replicates the vehicle that enjoyed respect from the public during the 1880's and early 1900's.

Physical description

A model of a Small Wheel Lorry with a long four spoked wheeled wooden flay tray drawn by a brown horse. The wooden shafts are to control the horse whilst working. It has a grey wooden ice box with a metal lid with ICE painted in black letters inside a black lined outline on the side. On the side of they lorry or dray is painted WOOD - COAL - COKE - C. MEE LA1271 in black paint. These are long strong carts or drays without fixed sides for carrying heavy loads. They were the truck of the horse drawn era, from the large wool bale lorry to the suburban ice and wood lorry. It has been said they had their origins in the German farm wagon.

Inscriptions & markings

ICE is painted in black capital letters on the side of the ice box. On the side of the lorry is painted - WOOD - COAL - COKE - C. MEE LA1271