Historical information

This wallpaper section is from the original Warrnambool Lighthouse Keeper's Quarters built in the late 1850s on Middle Island, and the building was moved to Flagstaff Hill in 1871-72. The wallpaper was salvaged from Assistant Keeper's residence (Shipwreck Museum) during heritage works that commenced in late 2022, to upgrade the ageing exhibition space in the historic building.


The wallpaper section is significant for its association with the Warrnambool Lighthouse Keeper's Quarters from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. It is also significant as an example of the paper, method of displaying and pattern on the paper, an indication of the materials and patterns available to decorate homes in those times.

Physical description

Wallpaper sample, irregular shape. Wallpaper has been recovered from the original inner wall of the Warrnambool Lighthouse Keeper's Residence, Assistant's Quarters. The light-coloured textured paper has a small cream-coloured embossed pattern. The sample has two layers of thickness and the back layer is two overlapping pieces. There are holes along the edge where the paper was fixed to another surface.