Historical information

p2 provides some history of the development of Ballarat and the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. p.3 gives lists of Councillors and Presidents of the Shire of Ballarat.


The Ballarat Botanic Gardens and Lake Wendouree, as described, became "the inspiration for the city's cultural development."

Physical description

3 pages. p.1 is the front page of this work with a large black and white picture of a ferry with passengers at the edge of Lake Wendouree, top half of the page and the title and sub-title below.. p.2 3 blurred pictures of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens interspersed in 2 columns of print. p.3 consists of 3 lists of names.

Inscriptions & markings

A business card is stapled to p.1 with "Gt. Grandson of George Longley" written in blue biro and "13.12.93 Visit" written at the bottom of the card. Underneath the main title is written in blue biro "& Jubilee Methodist Church 100 years 1860-1960" with an arrow "S.Selmon", underlined,"mentioned as a Trustee in 1908." p3. "Shire of Ballarat" is written, lefthand top corner in biro.