Historical information

Dr Joseph Clover was an early pioneer of anaesthesia, particularly chloroform. Like most physicians, he recorded his work in a casebook. This casebook records Clover's first administration of ether as anaesthesia. The book was given to Professor Robert Mackintosh by Mary Clover, Joseph Clover's daughter. along with other casebooks. Mackintosh then proceeded to re-gift the casebooks and they are now dispersed.


Clover wrote this casebook when he was a medical student, before he trained as a surgeon and around the time that anaesthesia was discovered. He eventually became the most important authority on anaesthesia in Britain and is featured on the crest of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. This artefact associated with one of the world's foremost pioneers of anaesthesia is historically and scientifically significant on an international level, and is significant for its rarity, condition and research potential. It is one of the most significant items in the Collection.

Physical description

Bound book with heavy marbled card cover with red leather binding strip along the spine. Insides leaves have handwritten text by Joseph Clover recording his work.