Historical information

The SEC made this agreement with respect to the operation of tramways in Ballarat and Sebastopol in 1929, though the SEC did not formally take over operation until 1934.


Yields information about the 1929 agreement between the SEC, The City of Ballaarat and the Borough of Sebastopol about the operation of tramways in Ballarat.

Physical description

Original copy and photocopy of an SEC made 17/11/1929 of the "Agreement between the SEC, City of Ballaarat and Borough of Sebastopol" re tramways at the time of the operation transfer of the tramways from ESCo to the SEC. Five pages, foolscap, white paper stapled in top left hand corner. Outlines the conditions of operations, track maintenance, tramcars, responsibilities, buildings, bus services. On pages 13 and 14 has the names of the parties who signed the agreement, including John Monash. Agreement dated 17/11/1929.
See Reg Item 4941 for another version, carbon copy of a closely typed version.