Historical information

This art work is an example of an Art Deco print created through lithoprint / lithograph techniques. As a print it would have been more affordable than an original artwork and hence could be purchased by a wider cliental. Little is known about the artist, but Jean Lasalle is listed as producing another print used by Tuck & Sons in their Oilette postcard series.


This item is significant socially as an example of artwork that may have been displayed in homes around the 1910s- 1930s. The Oilette logo carries significance, linking the print to a business that was influential in the early production of postcards.

Physical description

Unframed print on board with some framing tacks still attached to the back of the board. Print area is in fair condition. The print has been stuck to a ‘paper frame' which has been attached to the backing board. The subject of the print is a lake view, with steep mountains in the background and two female figures on a bench in the foreground in the Art Deco style. Colours are muted.

Inscriptions & markings

The print has the artist's signature 'Jean Lasalle' (looking at the print bottom left) and the words 'Oilette' (looking at the print bottom right) with a small logo composed of an oval and square underneath.