Historical information

This Unibic Limited Edition ANZAC Biscuit tin is one of a series produced in 2014 to commemorate 100 years 1914 - 2014 of World War 1, focusing on the Victoria Cross, The Anzac Biscuit Story and The RSL Story. The included paper sheet explains the Victoria Cross in full detail. The RSL and Modern Baking Pty Ltd in Broadmeadows provided this product.

Physical description

A medium sized rectangular Limited Edition green and gold lidded Anzac Biscuit Tin with an old brown and grey toned photograph image of soldiers of the 5th Division in a motor car. The lettering for the tin is stamped in red and white at the top of the lid with Limited Edition in gold. At the bottom of the tin is written - Australian 5th Division 500g including a gold coloured embossed Rising Sun Badge. There is a brief explanation about the 5th Divisional Motor Car's location on one side of the tin as well as an explanation of the meaning of the Rising Sun Badge on the other side. The back of the tin has information about The Anzac Biscuit Story and a recipe. Inside the tin there is a folded brochure about the seven 2019 Limited Edition Tins that were available at the time.

Inscriptions & markings

As stated above there is the name of the tin 'Limited Edition ANZAC Biscuit' with details of the tin's meaning for the Australian 5th Division. '500g Net' All of the tin has information about the soldiers who served in WW1 and WW2 and the relevance of the Anzac Spirit and biscuits.