Historical information

In July 1909, a modest 12-page booklet was put together by members of the fledgling Old Ruytonians Association (ORA) and distributed to the Ruyton Girls' School community. It was one of their first projects, and their aim was to nurture continuing interest in the School among former and current students. They named it "The Ruytonian."

At first, The Ruytonian was produced twice yearly, and always bore a plain cover with a simple name banner. Initially, it was the work of volunteer editors from the ORA, but in 1913 they handed the publication over to the first student editors, Esther Gibson and Lucy Tickell. Since that time, the style and content of The Ruytonian has continuously evolved. The biggest shifts occurred in 1942 when it transitioned to a yearly publication, and in 1969 when it moved to a larger A4 format with a cover image specifically selected for that year.


The record has strong historic significance as it pertains to the fourth oldest girls' school in Victoria, Australia. Ruyton was founded in 1878 in the Bulleen Road, Kew, home of newly widowed Mrs Charlotte Anderson (now High Street South).

Due to the age of the record dating back to 1930, we can infer it is one of the few remaining complete, intact and original examples of The Ruytonian from this period. Therefore, it can be considered an outstanding representation of its type, and is a reference example for research in early Victorian school history.

The record's significance is further enhanced by its exceptionally well-documented provenance, having remained the property of Ruyton Girls' School since its production.

Physical description

Colour publication printed on papyrus coloured paper. 30 pages.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover:
JUNE, 1930 /