Historical information

This ledger was used between 1883 and 1892 to record returns and activities on a farming property including numbers of sheep shorn, chaff cut, fencing contracted and people employed. One envelope within the ledger is addressed to Mrs J Edwards, Morven via Branxholme. The Edwards family, lived on the MORVEN property situated about 11 kilometres west of Branxholme in the Western District of Victoria. This property was sub divided in 1911 into 25 farms. The not fully used ledger has later been repurposed as a recipe book with a collection of newspaper cuttings (1924-1929) inserted and recipes handwritten on 16 pages at the rear. The pages also include some household hints including instructions on how "To prepare sheep skins for mats"


This ledger is typical of farming records kept in the period 1883 to 1892. The repurposing of the ledger as a recipe book was a common practice.

Physical description

This ledger has cardboard patterned covers. The paper pages are bound with cotton. Some pages are handwritten in ink. There are loose newspaper cuttings within the ledger as well as two addressed envelopes and a small red recipe booklet.