Historical information

The Ruyton Reporter (formerly known as Ruyton Reports) captures the essential Ruyton Girls' School experience for the broader school community. It has been produced since 1986.


The record has strong historic significance as it pertains to one of the oldest girls' school in Victoria, Australia. Ruyton was founded in 1878 in the Bulleen Road, Kew, home of newly widowed Mrs Charlotte Anderson (now High Street South). Thus, the record can be used as a reference example for research into Victorian school history. It also gives insight into the types of activities and events undertaken at Ruyton Girls' School during the period of its production.

The record's significance is further enhanced by its exceptionally well-documented provenance, having remained the property of Ruyton Girls' School since its production.

Physical description

Colour publication printed on paper with staple binding. 16 pages.

Inscriptions & markings

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Oh! for O'Connor /
Front Row L to R: Star of the 2001 Twilight Concert, Caroline O'Connor /
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Back Row L to R: Camilla Hodgson, Alice Bamford, Alice Fraser and Emma Nairn /
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