Historical information

All the men in the photo were Great War soldiers.
On the day of the presentation in 1972 the men were accompanied by their wives or relatives and treated to afternoon tea by the RSL Ladies Auxiliary and entertained by two RSL members George Elliot and George English.
Top. Norman McLaren Young Regt No 7595, 13th & 14th Bn's. Thomas Richardson Liddle Regt No 1963, 21st Bn.
Centre. Wm Earl Waters Regt No 718, 22nd Bn & 4th Fld Engineers. Robert Harrowfield Regt No 4954, 8th Bn.
Jabez Hopkins Merryman Regt No 1981, 11th Bn & 1st M.G Bn.
Bot. William Flett Regt No1767, 22nd & 24th Bn's. George Keir Regt No 1374, 13th LH Regt. David Jones Regt No 2670, 57th Bn.
Norman Charles Boyle Regt No 1803, 38th Bn. Roy McEwan Johnson Regt No 2671, 57th Bn.

Physical description

Photograph B & W showing a group of 10 men who recieved their 50 year membership Certificates as members of the Bendigo RSL Sub Branch.
Photograph was taken on the stairs to the stage in the Main Hall of the Soldiers Memorial Institute Bendigo