Historical information

Various news articles pertaining to the January 1962 Victorian bushfires in the Dandenong and Healesville districts which by the third day had encompassed large areas of the State.
Specific Eltham Shire districts mentioned include Panton Hill and Hurstbridge on page 1, Warrandyte on page 2, 3, 4 and 5, Hurstbridge, Smith’s Gully, Kinglake on page 3 and 4, Strathewen, Kangaroo Ground, Panton Hill, St. Andrews, Smith’s Gully on page 4 and Pound Bend, Smith’s Gully and Warrandyte on pages 20-21
• They Flee Night Peril, p1 (Illust.)
• Their grim picnic; A flash fire strikes, p2 (Illust.)
• Night of terror as towns quitted, p3
• Fought till he dropped, p3 (Illust.)
• Rain in fire area, p3
• Wye River town goes, p3
• Black Friday Hero Dies In Fire; with wife, grandsons, p4
• Surrounded!, p4 (Illust.)
• Main street houses ablaze, p4
• Hurstbridge is evacuated, p4
• Scores jump in river at Warrandyte, p5
• Hills people leave homes, p5
• “Fire” cry at Parlt., p5
• Blind – he’s safe now, p5 (Illust.)
• Police Chief Runs Battle, p7
• From Fire Front: Hospital treats 34, p7
• Firms send help, p7
• Tragedy and Ruin: Third Day; Ferntree Gully; Warrandyte; Pound Bend; Smiths Gully; Escape for 18, pp20-21 (Illust.)
• Church was a haven for the hurt, weary, p39 (Illust.)
• A home is lost, p40 (Illust.)

Physical description

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