Historical information

This image is one of a series of photographs taken by Melbourne based photographers Stevenson and McNicoll who visited Bacchus Marsh and its nearby districts between September and November 1883. William Marshall opened his new premises in Main Street in June 1869. In the following November he opened a wheelwright shop adjacent to his smithy. Mr T. Carlton was the wheelwright. The Marshall Blacksmith building was located next to the ANA Hall in Main Street. It was demolished in 1910 to make way for a new building known as the Chambers Building.
In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the blacksmith played an essential role in the functioning of the whole community. Before the industrialisation of manufacturing, all metal objects, including farm implements, building requirements and domestic utensils were made by hand. As mechanisation of industry increased, the smith commonly performed the role of farrier in the times when horse power was pivotal to all aspects of society. Complementing this work, the forge was often allied with a wheelwright's shop. These premises also acted as a meeting place for the men of the town, where news was shared and friendships forged.

Physical description

Small sepia 'carte de viste' style unframed photograph on card with gold border framing photograph. Housed in the album, 'Photographs of Bacchus Marsh and District in 1883 by Stevenson and McNicoll'. William Marshall opened his new premises in June 1869, and in the following November opened a wheelwright shop adjacent to his smithy. Mr T. Carlton was the wheelwright.

Inscriptions & markings

On the front: Stevenson & McNicoll. Photo. 108 Elizabeth St. Melbourne. COPIES CAN BE OBTAINED AT ANY TIME.
On the back: LIGHT & TRUTH inscribed on a banner surmounted by a representation of the rising sun.
Copies of this Portrait can be had at any time by sending the Name and Post Office Money Order or Stamps for the amount of order to STEVENSON & McNICOLL LATE BENSON & STEVENSON, Photographers. 108 Elizabeth Street, MELBOURNE.