Historical information

The house depicted in this image was constructed in 1865 for James Young a prominent local businessman and participant in community affairs. James Young left Bacchus Marsh in 1869. In 1870 Stone Villa was purchased by local solicitor Francis Gell. In 1872 it was bought by William Collyer. For a time before 1883 it was used as a school operated by Mr Thomas Kissock and his wife. From 1883 until 1922 it was used as a parsonage by the Church of England. In 1922 it was sold to Frederick Slack as a private residence. Since Slack's ownership there have been other owners. As of April 2024 it remains as a private residence and listed as a heritage property in the Moorabool Shire planning scheme.

The identity of the two women and young girl in the foreground of the image has not been established. One of the women, and the child are possibly the wife and daughter of the Rev A.C. McCausland who was the Church of England Vicar in Bacchus Marsh from 1872 until 1885 and would have resided in this house in 1883 when this picture was produced.


An early visual record of one of the most culturally and architecturally significant nineteenth century stone houses in Bacchus Marsh.

Physical description

Small sepia 'carte de viste' style unframed photograph on card with gold border framing photograph. Housed in the album, 'Photographs of Bacchus Marsh and District in 1883 by Stevenson and McNicoll'.

Inscriptions & markings

On the front: Stevenson & McNicoll. Photo. 108 Elizabeth St. Melbourne. COPIES CAN BE OBTAINED AT ANY TIME.
On the back: LIGHT & TRUTH inscribed on a banner surmounted by a representation of the rising sun.
Copies of this Portrait can be had at any time by sending the Name and Post Office Money Order or Stamps for the amount of order to STEVENSON & McNICOLL LATE BENSON & STEVENSON, Photographers. 108 Elizabeth Street, MELBOURNE.
Hand written on the reverse: 'Stone Villa built by James Young 1860 (sic) as his private residence, later as a school (Mr and Mrs Kissock proprietors) bought by CofE for Vicarage 1883-1922. Courtesy of Mrs J Jeremeas, Photo 1883'