Historical information

Jetter and Scheerer were a surgical instrument maker founded in Germany in 1867. Their company symbol is that of a serpent curled around a rod, surmounted by a coronet/crown.

This instrument was part of a collection of instruments used by Dr Michael Kloss in his medical practice. Dr Kloss subsequently donated this collection to the College.

Physical description

Metal forceps, consisting of two blades which lock together with a pin fitting. The handle of one of the forceps blades is engraved with the word 'Kloss', both on the outside and on the inner aspect. The number '26' is engraved on the inner aspect of both blades near the pin joint. The upper shaft of one blade is engraved with the word 'HOSON'. The blade is also engraved with a derivation of the Rod of Asclepius, featuring a serpent wrapped around a rod, with the entire design topped by a crown.

Inscriptions & markings

'Kloss' '26' 'HOSON'