Historical information

This is a part of the A.J. Roddy Collection.
The Family have glued a piece on the envelope which says, "Dad's Discharge Paper/ Royal Irish Rifles & Royal Flying Corps./ 7-1-1915 to Dec 1921.

Physical description

Copy a the Discharge paper of Pte2 James Roddy, Royal Irish Rifles & Royal Flying Corps RAF 7-1-1915 to Dec 1921 and Cover

Inscriptions & markings

Cover: Cover for Certificates/ and other Documents of a/ soldier on Demobilization or Transfer to the Reseve/ or Discharge.//
Front of Paper: Top right: Form 2067/ Royal Air Force/ Serial No/ Character Certificate of No 133458/ Rank Pte2 Name Roddy James/ Royal Flying Corp (Regiment (crossed out))/ Born in the Parish of / near the Town of South in the / County of ......... on the / Date 11.7.1897/ Trade as stated by him on Enlistment Postman/ 2 parallel lines/ * Description on Leaving the Colours/ Heoght 5ft 6in. Identification Marks:-/ Complexion Fresh Scar above 1st Lumbar/ Eyes Grey. Vertibrae/ Hair Brown/ Signature of Soldier/ (was signed J. Roddy/ * To prevent impersonation/ In the event of any doubt arising as to the bona fidis of the/ bearer, the above description and signature should be carefully compared with present appearance and hand writing. (16:957) WT 3183C/1875 5m.17/18. P&P Ltd/ Photostat copy of Original
Opening the paper inside: The character here given is based on continous records of the holder's conduct and / employment throughout his Military Career./ This is to Certify that No 133458 Rank Pte2 Name Roddy James/ has served with the colours in the Royal Irish Rifles & Royal Flying Corps for 3 83/365 years. 1915-18/ Serving in the Royal Flying Corps as a Batman, and during/ the whole of this period carrying out his duites in a/ satisfactory manner/ There is no record of him having incurred any service/ entries on his conduct sheet during this period./ for service in the R.A.F. see form 280/ Signature ..... Squadron Leader/
Date December 1921 Commanding R.A.F. Records Ruislip/
If further particulars as to his character and record of service are required within three years of above date, apply to/ where he is registered for Civil Employment,/ afterwards to the Officer in Charge of Records./ * This space is intended to be filled in by any organisation which has registered the man's name and is prepared to/ supply further information.//
Back of paper: Particulars of Service/ Date of Enlistement 7.1.15/ Preceeded on Furlough pending Transfer to the Army/ Reserve, or Discharge on... passed medically fit for the Army Reserve on/ Due for Final Discharge on../ Cause of Transfer or Discharge - Transferred to R.A.F. 1-4-18. under the provisions of the/ Air Force (Constitution) Act Oct. 1917./ Campaigns, Medals and Decorations/ France from 15.6.15 to 3.12.16/ 1914-15 Star, British War & Victory/ Medals. /Education and other Certificates and dates/