Historical information

Baby brush and comb sets were often given as Christening presents. The pure bristles were especially soft for use on infant's hair.

Children's hair is often a problem because it is supremely fine and may be difficult to care for because of its nearly downy softness and fluffiness. Up until the age of 7-10, this fine hair will remain about the head.

Children’s hair is different from adult hair in texture, density, and likely also colour, body and so on. Hair's traits change over time as humans physically develop, and even age. Like the rest of the human body, (example, teeth), hair has different stages of development spanning the full lifetime from birth to death. Source: www.wikipedia.org

Physical description

Infants' brush made of cream bakelite and pure bristle. Comb made of cream bakelite . Inscription in silver "Baby".

Inscriptions & markings

Written in silver script, the word "Baby". Indentations on comb.