Historical information

This item is hand made possible by a mother for her daughters. It is hand and machine stitched. This style of aprons / pinafore is attached to the two brown dresses that are also in the collection.


This item is very significant for the following reasons.
Historic and social - it shows what little girls wore during the early 1900's of the Kiewa Valley. It also shows fashion of the times and how these styles of aprons were made.
All which is valuable for research on these topics.
There are only a few of these aprons in the collection of the KVSH, and therefore would be very rare.
The condition is good enough to display, therefore it has good interpretive capacity.

Physical description

Girls apron or pinafore. White linen with crocheted lace around the edge which is continuous around the skirt, sleeve and neck. The shoulders flaps appears that they should be pinned to the dress beneath, and pinned together at the back of the waist. The apron is manual machine stitched