Historical information

This book follows on from the revised edition of "First Two Years Geometry" and contains all the geometry for the intermediate certificate and trigonmetry included in the syllabus during the mid 20th century. This would have been used by students of the Kiewa Valley.


This book show us the type of maths that was taught in Victorian schools in the mid 20th century. Students from Mt Beauty Elementary High School would have used this book. Therfore has historical and research significance. The book has the name G Davies, which is a local family and therefore has social significance. As this is part of our school book collection it has good interptive capacity

Physical description

The book has a brown cover with light brown striped pattern along the edge of the front cover. Black writing on front for name and light brown writing stating author and publisher. Has a light brown gemonetry pattern on front cover and logo of printer on each corner.

Inscriptions & markings

Name of G Davies Form 111 in red pen on inside page.