Historical information

The Myths and Monsters conference was something of a landmark in Australian mystery animal research. It was the first cryptozoological conference held in Australia, and the first time Australia's leading researchers had been able to present their findings and meet with others working in the same field.

Physical description

82 page proceedings of the Myths and Monsters Conference printed onto white paper. The following topics were presented:
* A brief History of Australian Cryptozoology (Paul Cropper)
* Would the Real Orang-Utan Please Stand Up and be Counted? In search of unidentified relic hominoids in Southeast Asia (Helmut Loofs-Wissowa)
* Strange Creatures on the Antipodean UFO trail (Bill Chalker)
* The Bunyip (Gary Opit)
* Sightings of Some Anomolous Sea Creatures (Malcolm Smith)
* Investigating Cryptic Hominids (Yowies) in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales (MIchael Hallett & David McBean)
* "High Strangeness" in Yowie Reports (Tony Healy)
* The Mystery of the Australian Big Cat: A Brief Summary (Peter Chapple)
* Quest for the Thylacine (Peter Chapple)

[Australian Animal Folklore Collection]

Inscriptions & markings

Signed on cover "Simon Townsend"