Historical information

'Surveyor of Suburban Environs' was one of the acquisitions from the 1991 Eltham Art Awards (now known as the Nillumbik Prize - and formally the Nillumbik Art Awards). This was the first piece acquired from this award which was suitable for a public space.


Nillumbik is referred to as the "Green Wedge" and the sculpture "Surveyor of Suburban Environs" suggests a watchful observer of the surrounding landscape. The sculpture's central motif represents an eye held up on a pedestal by a tail. Its form has been likened to the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health personified in the goddess Wadjet or 'green one'. This likeness would suggest that the observer or surveyor has a divine status and spiritual connection to its environment.

Physical description

Polished stainless steel sculpture comprising an eye reminiscent of ancient egyptian hieroglyphics, which is held up with a tappered and jaggered tail like pedestal. Concrete base.

Inscriptions & markings