Historical information

These Readers are reprints of the readers used in Victorian Schools - one for each grade - first published by the Victorian Education Department between 1928 and 1930. Second editions of all but the First book, with a few changes in content, occurred about 10 years later. From the 1950s, new Departmental publications gradually replaced the old books with the exception of the Fifth and Sixth Books, which survived until the late 1960s, when commercially produced reading material finally took over in schools. (Ref. Kelvin Edwards - on side of box.)


The schools and people in the Kiewa Valley used and owned copies of these readers - as did their parents.

Physical description

Pink cardboard box with 8 reprints of the victorian readers. The back of the box is the height of the books with black logo and writing. 1. Side: 7 oval black and white pictures and black writing. 2. Side: Black writing and a white panel with black writing. Both sides slope towards the front. Front: Half the height of the books with title, black & white picture & decor.
Each book has a soft cover with title and logo in black on the front and spine. Colors: (in order 1 - 8) fawn, orange, brown, green, blue,, blue, red and olive.