Historical information

Students who attended Sunday School classes at the Kergunyah Presbyterian Church may have gone camping together.
Sunday school was held in a little 16 foot square wooden building which came from Rocky Valley after it was no longer needed there. Ewen Wallace's father initiated and organised the move. C2011 the building was knocked down because of white ants.
The Presbyterian Church will be 125 years old in 2015.


Religious Education: This book was used by students who attended the Sunday School classes at the Kergunyah Presbyterian Church.
Religion: Presbyterian Church at Kergunyah, in the Kiewa Valley, celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2015 after being handed over to the Uniting Church in the 1970s.

Physical description

Pale pink thin book with cardboard cover, 24 pages held by 2 staples. Red block letters for title with big circle of yellow in middle in background. Book opens top to bottom. Yellow circle on back cover too.