Historical information

Ivy WILSON (1907-1998)
Ballarat | Australia

Ivy Wilson was born on 05 July 1907 to Charlotte and Edward Wilson of 167 Mair Street, Ballarat. She attended Humffray Street Primary School and the Ballarat Technical Art School (a division of the Ballarat School of Mines) in 1922.

Wilson's student folio contains several stencils hand-cut from paper and card. Among them are stylised graphics of correa, waratah, gum, and kangaroo apple as well as kookaburras, cockatoos and a koala.

With diverse applications, stencilling attracted a range of students at the Ballarat Technical Art School. Stencilling was applied to interior surfaces like cushions and curtains. Commercial briefs included wall friezes and murals.

One of Wilson's examples, a wreath was subsequently translated into embroidered needlework.

Wilson’s folio possibly consists of mostly junior technical work, as she appears to only have sat a single senior Education Department examination, Drawing Plant Forms from Nature. Alternatively, given her focus on textile-based arts, she may have been an evening trade student.

Ivy Wilson married Frederick Henry Russell on 23 December 1933 at St Mary's Church of England Caulfield, and had one daughter - Nola, who gifted this folio to the University’s permanent Historical Collection. Ivy died on 17 November 1998 at Caulfield.

Physical description

Silver cloth covered photo album of artworks by Ivy Wilson.

Gift of Nola Jones, daughter of Ivy Wilson, 2016

Contains original stencils, plus four photographs of a works kept by Ivy Wilson's family (2016).

Inscriptions & markings

(Handwritten note)
This art is the work of Ivy Wilson.
born" 5th July 1907 to Charlotte & Edward Wilson of 17 Mair St. Ballarat.
Attended Humffray St. Primary School and Ballarat School of Mines 1922.
Married: Frederick Henry Russell December 23rd 1933 at St Marys CofE Caulfield
Died 17th November 1998 at Caulfield.
Mother of one daughter, Nola.

Mounting & framing

Mounted within album using photo corners