Historical information

Provenence is unknown but contains potentially rare photos.
A comprehensive record of the types of events provided for Junior Legatees in the 1940s. Events such as the Government House Christmas parties and Annual Demonstrations. Also a record of the classes offered to girls and boys. There are photos of Anzac Commemoration Ceremony for school students that has been held annually by Legacy in April. It helps educate and promote the observance of Anzac Day to students. Some of the photos are Junior Legatees that joined the armed forces in the second World War.
Pages 7 and 8 show the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester to Legacy. They were in Australia to start his term as Governor General of Australia - until 1947.


An important photographic record of the work of Legacy in the 1940s.

Physical description

Large photo album with blue leather look back and front cover. Decorative front and back end pages. Screws in left hand side to keep paper pages bound together. 20 pages with black and white photos attached to the majority of both sides of the pages.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten at top of pages.
Page 1 'Christmas Party, Government House Grounds, 1945'
Page 2 'Christmas Party, Government House Grounds, 1945'
Page 3 'Christmas Party, Government House Grounds, 1945'
Page 4 'Senior Girls 6/2/1945'
Page 5 'Senior Girls 6/2/1945'
Page 6 'JL (?) Cecil Waters 6/2/1945'
Page 7 'Duke and Duchess of Gloucester at the Club Rooms, 27/11/1945' and 'At the Club Rooms'
Page 8 'At the Grosvenor Theatre'
Page 9 '20/2/45 Speaker Wlliamstown'
Page 10 '6/2/45 Mr Justice(?) Monty Phillips'
Pages 11 - 16 no inscription
Page 17 'Annual Demonstration, 1946' (photo missing)
Page 18 'Annual Demonstration, 1946'
Page 19 'Annual Demonstration, 1946'
Page 20 Sepia photo Savige
Page 21 'Junior Legatee N Shiels'
Page 22 'Legatee E.T. Scott'
Page 23 'Legatee H.E. Cohe (?)'
Page 24 ‘Christmas Party, Government House Grounds 1948’ (Photo missing bottom right)
Page 25 ‘Christmas Party, Government House Grounds 1944’ (Page cut in half)
Page 26 ‘Christmas Party, Government House Grounds 1944’ (Page cut in half)