Historical information

A photo of the visit by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester to Legacy clubrooms on 27 November 1945. The photo appears in the Argus newspaper and the caption read: 'During her busy tour of service clubs yesterday the Duchess, while at the Legacy Club, accepted a cup of tea from Mrs E Sherwen, wife of the senior vice-president of Legacy. While this incident was being photographed a flashbulb exploded with a loud report, but the Duchess was unperturbed.'
The article continued that the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were welcomed by the President W A Perrin and his wife. Mr Perrin explained that Legacy has accepted the responsibility of caring for children of deceased service men, and that since 1922 27,000 children have been given a chance at least equal to the one they might have had their fathers lived.
The Duke of Gloucester was Governor General of Australia from 1945 to 1947.


An important photographic record of the work of Legacy in the 1940s being acknowledged with a royal visit.

Physical description

Black and white of the visit of the Duchess of Gloucester visiting Legacy, part of a photo album with blue leather look back and front cover. From one of 20 pages with black and white photos.