Historical information

A photo of boys being instructed by Jim Tierney. The embroidered symbol on their shirts are 'DS' which stands for Don Esses. This was another group of boys that Legacy helped. From notes on the ILC (Intermediate Legacy Club):
The ILC was formed in 1929 with a total membership of 18. The idea of the club sprang from those boys who had outgrown the Junior Legacy Club. In the early days it fielded a lacrosse team and it was this that mainly held the members together. Enthusiasm wained after a few years as it lacked a solid objective. The answer came from one of its members and in 1938 they founded the Don Esses Club. This was a club for the children of incapacitated ex-servicemen which met every Thursday night at 7.30 run by the ILC members. The name came from the signallers' code Disabled Servicemen's Sons.


An important photographic record of the work of Legacy in the 1940s.

Physical description

Black and white photo of a boys class forming a human pyramid, part of a photo album with blue leather look back and front cover. One of 20 pages with black and white photos attached to the majority of both sides of the pages.