Historical information

A photo of senior girls performing their exercises in a class. The girls were dressed in their physical exercise kit which was provided by Legacy to the junior legatees. The photo appears professional and may have been taken by a newspaper as part of them publicising the work of Legacy. The photo is dated 6 February 1945.
Throughout the year Melbourne Legacy provided classes for Junior Legatees such as dancing, gymnastics and Eurythmics. The Demonstration was an annual event to showcase their skills. Melbourne Legacy conducted Annual Demonstrations / Parades from 1928 through to the 1980's, usually held at Melbourne Town Hall or Olympic Pool Stadium. The beautiful costumes were made by members of the Junior Legacy Mothers' Club and the Melbourne Legacy Wives' Association.


An important photographic record of the work of Legacy in the 1940s.

Physical description

Black and white photo senior girls in their exercise class, part of a photo album with blue leather look back and front cover. One of 20 pages with black and white photos.