Historical information

On the page following the title page is the following information: "Mrs. Dorothy Floate's Cookery Book Presented to the Queen. Authoress Honored. On the occasion of the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. to Australia, Mrs. Dorothy Floate's now famous "Secrets of Success" Cookery Book was presented to Her majesty as a gift from the Authoress. It was duly accepted and gratefully acknowledged by Her Majesty." On the following pages are photographs of Mrs Floate with trophys and other awards received for competitive cooking, as well as a certificate received from the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria at the Melbourne Centenary Royal Show in 1934.

Physical description

Paperback cookery book, cover printed in green background, title printed in white on a brown background, volume no and price shown in white on red background. Black and white photo of author on cover. 160 pages