Historical information

Gathering of seafarers and LHLG members carrying the Mission flag, at Graylings, property of Frederic Race Godfrey, in St Kilda, on 13 November 1905. Sixty-three men and boys were invited to the picnic.
Miss Ethel Godfrey is standing on the right hand side next to another lady, wearing a dark dress and hat.
In the article published in the Church and the Sailor in July 1930 after she resigned from her position of Honorary Secretary, this was the first picnic organised by her after Reverend Gurney Goldsmith pleaded for women's help during a sermon at All Saints church in St Kilda the same month.
The Ladies Harbour Lights' Guild was formed on 1st October 1906 and she was nominated Honorary Secretary and Treasurer on 4 December 1906.
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This was the official first picnic of the Amalgamated Victorian Seamen's Mission and the first picnic organised by Miss Ethel Godfrey.
A year later she was nominated Honorary Secretary of the newly Ladies Harbour Light Guild.
The Melbourne Guild was the first one of its kind and was so successful that the scheme was spread around the world.

Physical description

Small monochrome photograph, quite blurred, depicting a group of sailors and ladies in a park. The Flying Angel Mission to Seamen flag behind them.In the centre wearing dark dress and hat is Ethel Godfrey.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten in pencil on verso: 12
Handwritten in white ink on the album page: First picnic of the Mission, Graylings, St Kilda, King's Birthday 1905