Historical information

The Directory was published by the former Shire of Bulla in 1994 - 1995 and was issued to residentsa living withing the Shire. It features details of public services which were available within the area at the time as well as maps of the settlements and some private advewrtisements.

Physical description

A 20 page booklet with an aerial photograph of the Greenvale Dam and surrounding area on the front cover. A green strip is along the spine of the booklet with the words 'Shire of Bulla' printed in white and 'Directory' printed in red. '1994 - 1995' is printed in red across the bottom of the front cover and the Shire of Bulla - 'City Living . Country Style' logo is in the bottom RH corner. The back cover features an advertisement for the Roxburgh housing development.