Historical information

Used in Ballarat School of Mines.
"The Junior Technical School is provided for the purpose of supplying the universally recognised requirement for a satisfactory Technical Education system, namely, continuity of study between the primary stage of education and the subsequent period of study at a Technical School." The Geelong Gordon Technical College obtained information from Melbourne Junior Technical School that was in its second year of operations. Due to limited space at the College, provision will be for only 50 students. Staff will comprise a Head Master, who will teach English, Civics (History) and Geography. A Mathematical and Science Master who will also have the assistance of the Gordon College Science Master. The Art Master from the Gordon College will take Modelling, Geometry and Drawing. The Crafts Master will take Sheet Metal and Woodwork. The person will be chosen from recently trained teachers by the Education Department.

Physical description

Brown cover with red, green and blue print

Inscriptions & markings

A.W. Steane written on the front cover.