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Published quarterly since 1977, the newsletters of the Kew Historical Society contain significant research by members exploring relevant aspects of the Victorian and Australian Framework of Historical Themes. Frequently, articles on people, places and artefacts are the only source of information about an aspect of Kew, and Melbourne’s history.

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Mayors of Kew / Robert Baker p1.Society news [Vale Jill O'Brien] p3. Ratting on the Yarra / Suzanne McWha p4. Saving the [Yarra] river parklands / Valerie Bourke p5. Vale - Marjorie Orr p8. Vale Bill Reeve p8. Mayors of Kew - Robert Morgan Young / Felicity Renowden p9. Mayors of Kew - Henry Francis Phipps / Robert Baker p9. Mayors of Kew - Job Smith / Felicity Renowden p9. Mayors of Kew - Henry Francis Mogg / Margaret Robinson p9. The Great War in Kew - Those that stayed / Andrew Frost p10. New to the Collection [Photographs and clothing donated by Micky Ashton relating to Cr John Marshall and his family] p11.