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Published quarterly since 1977, the newsletters of the Kew Historical Society contain significant research by members exploring relevant aspects of the Victorian and Australian Framework of Historical Themes. Frequently, articles on people, places and artefacts are the only source of information about an aspect of Kew, and Melbourne’s history.

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Elephants in Kew [Kew Library redevelopment] / David White p1. History News - 2023 Dickinson Lecture; Kew Court House [exhibition]; Additions to the Collection; New members; Grants & Sponsors / p3. Victorian Municipal Directories / Robert Baker p4. Michael Meszaros: Kew sculptor / Felicity Renowden p6. Chipperfield's Boathouse: 'The Moorings' and floating pontoon / Julie King p8. Wilfred Kent Hughes: scholar, sportsman, soldier, businessman, author, politician / John Torpey p10.