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Published quarterly since 1977, the newsletters of the Kew Historical Society contain significant research by members exploring relevant aspects of the Victorian and Australian Framework of Historical Themes. Frequently, articles on people, places and artefacts are the only source of information about an aspect of Kew, and Melbourne’s history.

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Images in light [leadlight] / Robert Baker p1-2. Society Activities: Exhibitions [Beyond the Gate, A Model Kew Home]; Past meetings; Future meetings; New members; Quarterly book sale / p3. President's Report / Alex Wilson OAM / p4-5. Making News [150-years ago; 100-years ago] / p5. Birth and death in Kew [Edward Gough Whitlam, 46 Rowland Street] / Lea Ram p6. Unpacking the past [costume conservation] / Robert Baker p7. New acquisition [Victorian cape] / p7. Kew in the 1890s Depression: Part 2 Distress in Kew / Andrew Frost p.8-9. Membership & Donations / p10.