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No 137 DECEMBER 2021. Civic Ephemera / Robert Baker p1. Office Bearers / p2. History News: Acquisitions; Exhibitions; Grants & Sponsors; Tribute - Dorothy Johanna Benyei 1926-2021 / p3. Boroondara's Private Schools 1851-1951 / John Torpey p4. Alexandra Gardens: a chronological and horticultural survey / Desley Reid p6. Discoveries and Inventions [Trinity Grammar School] / Brad Miles p8. Another Alan Sumner Window [Carey Grammar] / Felicity Renowden p8. Victorian Collections / Robert Baker p8. The Sale of the Halfey Estate: Ordsall [Southesk] and Hermosa [Northesk] / David White p9. Centenary of thew Model Dairy / Robert Baker p11. Membership & Donations p12.