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Published quarterly since 1977, the newsletters of the Kew Historical Society contain significant research by members exploring relevant aspects of the Victorian and Australian Framework of Historical Themes. Frequently, articles on people, places and artefacts are the only source of information about an aspect of Kew, and Melbourne’s history.

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Civic Ephemera / Robert Baker p1. Office Bearers / p2. History News: Acquisitions; Exhibitions; Grants & Sponsors; Tribute - Dorothy Johanna Benyei 1926-2021 / p3. Boroondara's Private Schools 1851-1951 / John Torpey p4. Alexandra Gardens: a chronological and horticultural survey / Desley Reid p6. Discoveries and Inventions [Trinity Grammar School] / Brad Miles p8. Another Alan Sumner Window [Carey Grammar] / Felicity Renowden p8. Victorian Collections / Robert Baker p8. The Sale of the Halfey Estate: Ordsall [Southesk] and Hermosa [Northesk] / David White p9. Centenary of thew Model Dairy / Robert Baker p11. Membership & Donations p12.