Historical information

The London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company began in 1854 as the London Stereoscope Company (LSC), from 1856 was known as the London Stereoscopic Company, and from May 1859 as the London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company.


This card is from the collection of a pioneer family of the City of Moorabbin.

Physical description

Stereograph Card manufactured by 'The London Stereoscopic Company' 54 Cheapside - black and white

Inscriptions & markings

The Falls of Montmorenci, near Qubec, Canada
"These beautiful falls are eight miles distant from Quebec, on the Montmorenci river and situated at a point where the river is sixty feet wide. The descent of the torrent is 250 feet higher than those of Niagra, but only about fifty feet in width. The effect of the view of these falls upon the beholder is most delightful. The river at some distance seems suspended in the air, in a sheet of billowy foam. The water which first breaks over the ledge in on sheet is more and more divided as it plunges against the successive layers of rock, which it almost completely veils from view; the spray becomes very delicate and abundant, from top to bottom, hanging over, and revolving round the torrent, till it becomes lighter and more evanescent than the whitest fleecy clouds of summer." In the winter time the spray form the fall freezes in the form of a cone to a height of nearly 100 feet, and at such time the falls a greatly resorted to for the amusement of sliding down the cone with the tobogen, or Indian sleigh. The comparatively short distance from the city and the extreme beauty of the scenery along the whole route, render these falls an attractive scene for the inhabitants, who account a visit amongst their usual recreations.