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Photograph of Charles Treleaven ob the cover, 372 pages

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Written in black ink: With Best Wishes/Charles Treleaven/October 2021


There's no doubt that Charles has had an interesting life. Born in England during the Depression, he experienced the Blitz on London, the Flying Bombs, and then the V2 rockets.<br/><br/>From the age of sixteen Charles spent the next 24 years travelling the world aboard British, New Zealand, Fijian, and Australian ships, then settled ashore in Melbourne to start his own packaging business. He was later asked to work with the U.N. in Jordan, based in Amman for some time.<br/><br/>On his return to Melbourne, he was appointed CEO for the continued restoration of the award winning sailing ship Polly Woodside, now the pride of our City. Whilst there, Charles initiated the construction of the ship "Enterprize" replica.<br/><br/>Finally, he used his knowledge as a navigator to excite over 800,000 Victorian school children with the basics of Science and Astronomy. Charles decided to retire after teaching for 23 years, at the tender age of 82.<br/><br/>It is quite a Lifetime. It is quite a story !