Historical information

This sketch was published in Building : the magazine for the architect, builder, property owner and merchant, Vol. 33, No. 193 (12 Sept., 1923) but Walter Butler had designed it in 1916/17.

In the article published in the Herald, Thursday 30 August 1917, page 12, it is mentioned the "the architecte has designed a copper ship final for the main gable of the buildingand it, like the gymnasium, is awaiting the collection of more funds or the generosity of a spécial donor."


The plans confirm that Walter Butler was the designer of the vane that he had already imagined in the early sketch of the Flinders Street building in 1916 and also help us determine when was the vane made.This article was published in 1923 and the first photograph of the weathervane was published in the 1927 Annual Report.
The plans are significant as they could potentially help rebuild the weathervane stole in March 2022.

Physical description

Plans for the weather vane, Seamens' Institute building, Melbourne, Victoria