Historical information

Photographs from Ringwood Technical School Reunion.

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This Reunion was held at York on Lilydale, Lilydale, Victoria on March 27 2010, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the school commencing in February 1960 in the newly-completed building as a co-educational campus.
Prior to that it had operated on two separate, temporary campuses until the new school was ready:
- at Ferntree Gully Technical School in 1958 for 100 Form 1 boys, then the following year in spare rooms at Lilydale State School for 200 Form 1 and 2 boys
- at Box Hill Girls' Technical School in 1959 for 100 Form 1 girls

The Reunion was organised by Joan Pickford, helped by several other past students. Joan worked exceptionally hard to organise the reunion and the materials displayed on the night.

The beautiful RTS banner that we all walked past in the school's main corridor all those years ago, was there in all its glory - the only RTS relic that wasn't showing its age on the night.

It was a great event and well-attended. The noise of people chatting and swapping stories was deafening. Some of the 1958-59 original students, and teachers from the1960s onwards were there.

People brought along their photos and memorabilia. Some wore their ties and badges which still fitted after all those years. One former prefect wore his old blazer, which must have shrunk in the wardrobe but reminded many of us of those carefree times at school..

Best of all was the re-kindling of memories, and renewing and consolidation of friendships started at the school all those years ago.

(This background provided by Liz Seaton, September 2022)

Physical description

This record contains 10 of the 57 photographs taken at the RTS Reunion 27 March 2010. Records 21009-1 to -6 contain the full collection. The photographs were copied from a CD provided by Photographer Belinda Dinami.