Physical description

Set of Documents describing school policies, structure, roles, SRC, Camp Duncan, subject coding, emergency procedures etc.
Scanned in 6 parts due to volume of pages. Most pages are not numbered.

Donated by Joan Pickford (nee Dear) 2022. (Prefect 1970-71).
The Index pdf lists the contents of each part but is repeated here:

Part 1
• General Educational Policy
• Procedures Adopted By The Curriculum Board In Order To Implement The Educational Policy
Part 2
• School Administrative Structure
o Operational Structure - Operations Committee
o Curriculum Board
o Org Chart
• Role of the Senior Teacher
• Role of Head of Department
• Role of Assistant with Responsibility
• Role of Year Level Coordinator
• Role of Section Leader

Part 3
• Role of the Welfare Officer
• Bell Times 1983
• School Layout
• Evacuation Procedure and Diagram
• Recording of Students’ Attendance
• Staff Absences
• Concerning School Rules

Part 4 - SRC
• Students; Representative Council – Constitution and Rules
Part 5 – Camp Duncan, Excursion etc
• Camp Duncan Disposition of Duties 1983
• Receipts/forms pro-forma
• Some Facts About Camp Duncan
• Camp Duncan Date 1983
• Student Checklist and Luggage Requirements for Camps and excursions
• Confidential Medical Report for School Camps
• Parental Permission Form
Part 6
• Education Department Victoria
o Pay Advice and Allowance Table
o Subject Coding
o Leave
o General Advice on Transfers
o Excursion procedure, Approval Form
• Student Assembly Points