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Ringwood Mail newspaper article clipped from pages 9 and 14, 23 December, 1958.

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Norwood's First Speech Night
FOR its first Annual Speech Night Norwood High School put on a remarkably smooth and entertaining performance. It even broke new ground for these occasions by staging a junior Mannequin Parade.
In the appreciative audience were the Mayor and Mayoress of Ringwood (Cr. and Mrs. R. 0. Spencer), Cr.and Mrs. Peter Vergers, Cr.and Mrs. Doug Baxter, Cr.and Mrs. Ben Hubbard, and Mr. George Ormandy (Head Master of Ringwood High School) and Mrs. Ormandy.
After the singing of the Norwood High School Song,'Fidelis', the Mayor, as Chairman, gave high praise to the school for its 'mighty effort on its first Speech Night.' It was an historic night, he said, an event which would live in the minds of the boys and girls of the school for as long as they lived.
Education was a live issue today, the Mayor said, and it was as well to reflect on what the teaching staff of a school was asked to do. They were asked to teach the children how to play their part in life, to make decent men and women of them. And if the children were a future disappointment to their parents the Head Master and the staff could not be blamed.
On behalf of the Council and citizens of Ringwood, the Mayor offered congratulations and good wishes for a happy Christmas.
In his report the Head Master (Mr. J. A. Gibson, B.A.) said the school colours of purple and gold had been appropriately chosen because of the golden wattle and purple sarsaparilla which rioted through the district.
The badge design was a transition of Nowood to Northward, a symbolic representation of the magnetic compass which formed the central motif of the badge. The fact that the compass is used by travellers as a reliable guide gave the school the motto 'Fidelis' which combined the ideas of faithfulness trustworthiness and dependability. The word was easy to remember and to say, and its meaning set a worthy ideal which the boys and girls of the school could strive to attain.
For House names native words had been chosen and they were associated with features of the district. The names Kalinda, Maroondah, Mullum and Yarra had already acquired a special significance for everyone associated -with the school.
School traditions were also being established, the report went on, by the holding of annual swimming and athletic meetings and the awarding of prizes, and the school had been helped here by the generosity of certain good people of the community who had presented trophies.
In the field of inter-house activities the Couche family had presented to the school the Couche Cup for Swimming Contests, and the Warrandyte cup for aggregate points earned in all sports; Mr. Avison had presented the Norwood Cup. for Athletics Contests, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Godbehear the Rosebank Shield for award to the House gaining the highest aggregate score each year.
Members of the Mackinlay family had perpetuated the name of the early owner of the property on which the school is built by donating a sum of money, the interest of which would provide the William and Elizabeth Mackinlay Prize each year for the Dux of Norwood High School.
The gross enrolment of 117, included 52 boys and 65 girls, who were divided into three forms of approx equal ability. The curriculum had been broadened to include excursions to the Art Gallery and Museum, to Orchestral concerts, and trips to Warrandyte, the Maroondah Dam and Healesville Wild Life Sanctuary.
The school had taken part in inter-school sports contests during the year and came first in their section of the Swimming Contests held at Olympic Pool, also gaining second place at the Athletic Meeting at Olympic Park late in the year.
A Social Service League had been formed in the school and had raised £36/7/3. This had been distributed to the Anti-Cancer Campaign, the Lord Mayor's Hospital Appeal, and Yooralla Crippled Children's Appeal.
A Parents and Citizens Association had also been formed which had already raised more than £90 towards school funds. Mr. Gibson expressed the school's appreciation to the Head Master, staff and pupils of Boronia High School where Norwood pupils had been guests, and hoped that Norwood would be able to look after Mitcham High School as well in the coming year.
After an informative explanation of the 'Importance and Responsibilities of a High School Advisory Council given by Inspector of Schools, Mr. H. W. Hopkins, B.A., the big moment of the evening arrived—the presentation of prizes and certificates by the Hon. J. W. Manson, MLA.
Mr. Manson said the purpose of a school was twofold. It was to teach the children to fend for themselves and to live with one another. He congratulated Norwood High on its good start for the year and also those who didn't win prizes because, he said, they had learnt the most important lesson of all — not to win but to keep on trying.
Second half of the program was purely entertainment. The School Drama Club presented a Christmas Nativity tableau and an adaptation of Charles Dickens' 'Christmas Carol' with considerable talent.
The unique Dress Parade, conducted on the usual professional lines with a running commentary, was both amusing in its sophistication and delightful for the youthful charm of the mannequins and the excellence of the garments displayed. Attractive winter and summer school uniforms were displayed by boys and girls and featured the purple and gold colouring of the school. The girls' summer uniforms were fresh and cool looking with narrow lavender and white stripes. Gold Cesarine sports frocks were distinguished by a purple cord sash. Garments were made by girls in the Needlework Classes and reflected the greatest credit on both pupils and teachers.
Cooking aprons, skirts, frocks and knitted sweaters and cardigans showed a wide variety and charm and the school uniforms were practical and smart.
There was a bracket of rollicking folk dancing and a Making Music Interlude in which a group of boys and girls, in full hillbilly rig put on a turn with home-made instruments, penny whistles and their own fresh young voices. Teamwork was very
good and the whole thing most amusing.
Under the direction of Mr.J. A. Collins, the School choir sang delightfully; the traditional 'Greensleeves' and 'Gaudeums Igitur' being particularly effective.
PASS CERTIFICATES — Margaret Forder, Noala Fullarton,Karen Gill, Jeanette Hamilton, Maureen Ing, Phyllis Kellar, Marie Knee, Norma Leslie, Mary Mackay, Valerie Quaife, Beverley Rimmer, Elizabeth Stubbs, Heather Trout, Gail Waugh, Brigitte Wieneroider, Jacqueline Wilson, Jeffrey Barnes, Stuart Dickson, Donald Duff, Brian Fitzgrald, Patrick Ford, Ian .Holt, Robert Jenkins, Allan Meyland, Ross Perkins, David Pullen, Denis Wise, John Wright.
HONOUR CERTIFICATES; Lois Dewar, 89; Pauline Harmer 86.9, Brian Horswell 87.2.
HONOUR CERTIFICATE and DUX: Anne Luscombe, 94.9.
PASS CERTIFICATES: Faye Alsop, Helen Ashton, Joan Bedford, Carole Bonnett, Hazle Collins, Eileen Gunn, Gloria Lander, Meryn Longmire, Dianne Mclntyre, Geraldine McWilliam, Leslie Mahoney, Dawn Marley-, Judith Miller, Ann Morgan, Lucia Pruis, Dianne Whitehead, Jeffrey Aus, Peter Buckthorpe, Donald Falkingham, Brian Girvan, Nicholas Lobb, Graham Prime, Keith Purdie, Ronald Ryan, Colin Standfield, Kerry Stuart, Michael Toppin, Ian Weist, Terrence West, James Wilson.
HONOLTR CERTIFICATES: Anne Couche 85.2; Susan Rule, 93.1; Dianne Thompson 92.1.
HONOUR CERTIFICATE and DUX: Arno Haemmerlea.
PASS CERTIFICATES: Caroline Andrew, Ann Blower, Dianne Brown, Glenda Farrall, Judith Gibson, Jane Godbehear, Deidre Harding, Helen Morris, Margaret Patterson, Beverley Vergers, Heike Wenzel, Naomi Willshire. Beverley Wilson, Linda Woolan, Geoffrey David, Rowan Don, Timothy Donovan, Anthony Johnston, Michael Lavey, Frank Noble, Michael Parks, Graham Rogers, Gordon Stark, Angus Stark, David Williams.
HONOUR, CERTIFICATES: Jennifer Coombs 87.1; Janice Cooke, 85.3; Merlyn Robertson 89.4; Richard Bell, 88.5; Peter Van Den Heuvel, 92.9; John Kerr, 89.3.
ART PRIZE: Merlyn Robertson, 1C.
NEEDLEWORK PRIZE: Judith Gibson, 1C.
WILLIAM and ELIZABETH MACKINLAY PRIZE for Dux of the School: Anne Luscombe, 34.8.
Norma Leslie (Mullum) under 13, girls. Dianne Whitehead (Yarra), 13 yrs and over girls, Don Falkingham (Kalinda), under 13, yrs, boys, Denis Wise (Maroondah), 13 years and over.
Couche Cup for House Swimming Competition: Maroondah.
Norwood Cup for House Athletics; Mullum.
Warrandyte Cup for House Sport: Yarra.
Rosebank Shield, for total House Points scored during year: Mullum.